Affiliate Software Documentation

Upgrading Affiliate Manager version 3

If you are on the 3.x release of JROX Affiliate Manager, follow these steps to upgrade.

  1. First, backup all of your data, including your files and do a database dump.  You can do a database dump using your web hosting control panel, or through the JAM admin area, under Settings > Global Configuration > System > Database Backup > Backup Now
  2. Download the updated version, from our site:

  3. Unzip and upload all files except the following:

    - /system/application/config/config.php
    - /system/application/config/database.php

  4. If you have a custom theme done, make sure you also don't overwrite the /themes/main folder if you have custom themes made.
  5. Once you have uploaded it, go to your JAM admin area, under Settings > Global Configuration and click on the "Check for System Updates" button to run the database table update utility.  This runs the /import/jam_updates.php file for any database scheme updates.
  6. Once that has finished, make sure to delete the /import/jam_updates.php file if the script cannot delete it for you.

* Security issue for JAM before version 3.0.48 *

Make sure you remove the following files as it poses a security issue when deleting images and folders from the Innovastudio HTML editor: