Affiliate Software Documentation

JAM version 3.0.48

Feature Updates

  • add coupon codes
  • add commission notes to each sale triggered
  • add option for aweber mailing list
  • add option for per product commissions to use program values in addition to the flat fee option
  • add more options to the html WYSIWYG editor
  • add option for custom random username function
  • add option for easier reset password link in members area
  • add option for username postback in sale module

Bug Fixes

  • fix bug in manage commission admin template
  • update to bootstrap 3.3.4
  • fix bug in base url links
  • fix bug in click traffic reporting
  • fix bug in top affiliate commissions reporting
  • fix bug in set_tracking_cookie function
  • fix language for dates
  • fix bug in add referral bonus function
  • fix security bug in innovastudio HTML editor for deleting files and folders