Affiliate Software Documentation

Setting Up Your Default Affiliate Group

To setup your default affiliate group follow these steps: Watch Video

  1. Click on the Members > Manage Tier Groupslink from the admin area.
  2. Click on the Default Affiliate Groupon the Affiliate Groups page.
  3. On the Update Affiliate Grouppage, you can edit the following:
    • Group Name - The name of your affiliate group.
    • Group Code - alphanumeric code for your group.
    • Group Description - A short description for your affiliate group.
    • Per Click Amount - If you are using pay-per-click, enter the amount here in decimal format (0.10).
    • CPM Amount - If you are using CPM commissions enter the amount here.
    • Commission Type - for Pay-Per-Sale / Pay-Per-Action commissions, you can select Flat or Percent here.
    • Commission Per Levels - Enter the amounts you want to pay up to 10 levels. If you are charging percentage based commissions, enter the decimal equivalent for it here. For example (0.10 for 10 percent).