Affiliate Software Documentation

Global Configuration

The Global Configuration page allows you to configure system-wide settings for your Affiliate Manager installation. They are separated by the following tabs:

You can get to the Global Configuration area by clicking on the Settings link on the top right corner of your affiliate admin page:

There are 9 tabs in the Global Configuration page:

  1. Site Settings
    The Site tab allows you to edit your affiliate program's name, address, theme and so forth.

  2. Admin Settings
    You can set the default admin area language, time, HTML editor and graphs here.

  3. Marketing Settings
    The marketing settings tab is divided into 6 sub-tabs to configure your affiliate marketing, marketing tools, member options, tracking, performance bonuses, and forced matrix / network marketing settings.

  4. Content Settings
    You can set the HTML editor, charset and member's area content and design settings here. You can also view your program links under this tab.

  5. Media Settings
    This tab allows you to configure image, video and download options.

  6. Email Settings
    The email settings tab is where you configure the emailer type for sending out emails from the affiliate program.

  7. Security Settings
    This is where you set the alert email address, IP address restrictions, click and commission security settings.

  8. System Settings
    The system settings tab lists time and default time-zone settings, as well as your cron job settings and database backup options

  9. Automation Settings
    The automation tab allows you to configure the Facebook connect and automation API options for auto-login, auto-registration, etc. If you want to edit the Facebook "like" box, you can edit that here.