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What is Forced Matrix?

Affiliate Manager allows you to create a custom commission structure with multiple levels and a forced matrix option. You can have up to 10 commission levels and a maximum matrix width of 5 members.

What is a Forced Matrix System?
A Forced Matrix is a system where there is a limit to the number of referrals any affiliate member can refer.

For example, if you set the matrix width to be 3, an affiliate member (Affiliate 1) can refer a maximum number of 3 people directly below him. Any future referrals will automatically be placed below one of the 3 members he referred right below him, forcing the matrix to fill up, up to the number of commission levels you have specified.

Example Diagram:

To view a short video on how the downline looks, click here

Setting Up Forced Matrix
To enable forced matrix, you must first have a forced matrix license. If you don't have one, please purchase one.
To configure it, go to Settings > Global Configuration > Marketing > Network Marketing
On this tab, you can set the following:
Enable Forced Matrix Downline - enable the forced matrix option.
Forced Matrix Width - the maximum number of affiliates allowed to be directly under any user
Forced Matrix Spillover - Once a matrix downline is filled, what the system will do on new affiliates (spillover)
Forced Matrix ID for Spillover - If you set the spillover to specific affiliate, enter the affiliate's member ID here.

* CAUTION: The system only enforces the matrix upon affiliate registration. It does not enforce it if you add affiliates manually.