Affiliate Software Documentation

Selecting a Custom Affiliate Theme

Select a Theme

To select a different theme for your affiliate members area, follow these steps: Watch Video

  1. Click on the Design > Site Layout menu in your affiliate admin area.
  2. On the Site Layout page, select the theme you want to use for your members area.

Customizing a Theme

You can create your own custom theme for the affiliate manager if you want. This requires some knowledge of HTML, CSS and web development in general. If you would like to get a custom theme for a small fee, please contact us.

To create a custom theme, follow these steps:

  1. Download the JAM zip file, if you don't yet have it.
  2. Unzip to your computer.
  3. Go to the /themes/main folder.
  4. Copy the default folder to a different location (maybe your desktop). This will be the basic framework of your new theme.
  5. In the default/custom_templates folder, there are 2 files named tpl_footer2.php and tpl_header2.php. Rename it to tpl_footer.php and tpl_header.php. Those two files will be the header and footer of your custom theme.
  6. You can edit the files in your new theme. You can start with the style.css file in the default/css/ folder. You can also edit the tpl_header.php and tpl_footer.php as you see fit.
  7. If you want to edit other templates for the affiliate members area, you can copy any of the templates in /system/views/main/ folder and in /system/views/members folder to your /default/custom_templates folder. You can edit those templates as you need.
  8. Rename the default folder to your own custom name. This will be the name of your new theme.
  9. You can upload the new theme to the /themes/main folder once you are done.
  10. Once you have uploaded it, go to Design > Site Layout tab, and click on your new theme.