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What is the Automation API?

What is the Automation API?

The Affiliate Automation API allows you to do certain tasks outside of the affiliate management script. Certain actions such as affiliate registration, account log-in and log-out, and even group upgrades can be done using the Automation API.

What are the requirements to use the Automation API?

  • In order to use the Automation API, you must have some knowledge of PHP programming and how CURL / socket connections work.
  • You also need to know the inner workings of shopping carts or payment gateways in order to integrate the Affiliate Automation API into your site.
  • Your site also requires the ability to use PHP Curl to connect to the API using name-value pairs.

What Type of Automation Tasks can the API Do?

The Affiliate Automation API can do a number of actions in regards to your affiliate user. Here's the list:

  1. Account Creation and Registration - You can automatically create and register an affiliate when an affiliate creates an account on your main store or website. There won't be a need for the user to manually sign-up on your affiliate form.
  2. Account Login and Logout - Automatic Account Log-in, also known as Single Sign-on. If the user logs into your main web site, he / she will be automatically logged into the affiliate program as well.
  3. Affiliate Group Update (upgrade / downgrade) - Automatically update an affiliate member's group membership. This is useful if you have multiple affiliate groups with different commission payment plans. For instance, if a user cancels a subscription to a specific membership of yours, you can downgrade him / her to a different affiliate group.
  4. Affiliate Account Activation / Deactivation - Activate or Deactivate an affiliate account's status. This does not delete their account in your affiliate program if you deactivate them, but it does restrict them from being able to log-in to your program.
  5. Account Deletion - Delete a user's account entirely.

Sample Code and How-Tos

To view sample code and a brief tutorial of how to use the Automation API, click here: