Affiliate Software Documentation

Adding Manual Afiliate Commissions

To add an affiliate commission manually, follow these steps: Watch Video

  1. Click on Commissions > Manage Commissions > Add Commission on the top menu of your affiliate admin area.
  2. On the Commission Details tab, enter the following:
    • Status - Set the status of this commission.
    • Approved - Set this to Yes if you approve this commission already.
    • Date Created - The date you've created the commission.
    • Date Paid - The date you have paid this commission. *Note: If you want to pay this commission using the built-in Make Payments option in the affiliate software, do not set this date as the system will do it for you when you send payments to your affiilates.
    • Program Name - Select the affiliate program offer this commission belongs to.
    • Referring Affiliate - Enter the referring affiliate's username.
    • Send Email Alert - Send an alert to the referring affiliate upon commission creation.
    • Use Program Values - If you want the system to generate the commission automatically, enable this option. You just need to enter the sale amount if you enable this option.
    • Level - The commission level for this, if you are using multiple commission levels. The default is 1.
    • Credit Upline - If you are using multiple commission levels and want to automatically generate the commissions for this referring affiliate's up-line, enable this option.
    • Commission Amount - Enter the commission amount. If you enable the Use Group Defaults option, you can leave this blank as the system will generate the commission based on the affiliate program offer's group amounts.
    • Sale Amount - The total purchase / sale amount made for this commission.
    • Transaction Id - The transaction or order ID for this sale.
    • Customer Name- If you want to set the customer name this commission was generated by, enter it here.
    • Referring Url - If you want to add a URL that this commission was referred from, enter it here.
    • Commission Notes - Notes for this commission.
  3. If you want to enter data for custom fields, you can enter them in the Custom Fields tab.
  4. On the Options tab, you can enter the following:
    • Is this a Recurring Commission? - If you want to recur this commission, select Yes.
    • Next Recurring Date - If this is a recurring commission, enter the next recurring date for it to happen.
    • Action Commission ID - If you want to specify an action commission ID for this commission, enter it here.
    • Product Identifier - If you are using per-product commissions, enter the unique ID for it, such as Product code or SKU.
    • Tracking ID - The tracking ID from an ad tracker can be set here.