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Enabling Lifetime Tracking

What is Lifetime Tracking?

Lifetime tracking allows you to generate commissions from customers even without any tracking cookies set on the user's machine. What this means is that even if the customer deletes the tracking cookies on their machine, or even changes their computer, you can still generate commissions for the affiliate that originally referred that customer.

Enabling Lifetime Tracking

To enable affiliate lifetime tracking, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Settings > Global Configuration link on the top menu of your affiliate admin area.
  2. Click on the Marketing > Tracking tab
  3. Set the Enable Lifetime Tracking to Enable
  4. On your affiliate integration code, add the lf_data field to it, along with the lifetime tracking variable you want to use.
  5. For the lifetime tracking variable, we recommend using the customer's email address to track with. You will therefore need to know the variable your shopping cart or payment gateway uses to represent this value.
  6. Here's some sample code:<?=$SALE?>/trans_id/<?=$ORDER_ID?>/lf_data/<?=$EMAIL?>
  7. Where $EMAIL is the email variable for your cart.
  8. Save it and run a test transaction. Once the lifetime tracking code is saved to the affiliate's log, that will be used every time to check the customer and generate a commission off of it. No need for any tracking cookies to be set on the customer's machine.

Viewing Lifetime Tracking Logs

You can view each affiliate's lifetime tracking logs in his / her member details page. Click on the View Lifetime Tracking Log button on the top area of the page.