Affiliate Software Documentation

Affiliate Software Licensing

Free Vs. Standard

Affiliate Manager has 2 different licenses for self-installed versions: Free and Standard

The free version license allows you to use the software to recruit up to 50 affiliates, for as long as you want. No time limits, no other restrictions. It is still fully functional software, with a 50 affiliate limit.

Once you reach the 50 affiliates in your affiliate program, you will need to purchase the standard license. The standard license gives you access to recruit an unlimited number of affiliates

Adding Your License

If you are using the self-installed version of Affiliate Manager, you can unlock your free version by adding the license in your admin area.

To do that, follow these steps:

  1. Click on Settings > Global Configuration.
    settings icon
  2. Click on the View License button
  3. Add Your License Key to unlock the software
  4. You don't need to reinstall or do anything else. Your system will now allow for unlimited affiliates

Forced Matrix License

Affiliate Manager also allows for forced matrix features. In order to access forced matrix features, you must have a forced matrix license

You can purchase a forced matrix license from us separately from the standard license if you want to use this feature.

To add your forced matrix license, click on Settings > Global Configuration. Click on the View License button to add the license

The forced matrix license also requires the purchase of the standard license. You can always purchase the forced matrix license any time after you purchase the standard license. However, you will need to purchase both if you want to use forced matrix right away.

Per Domain License

Each Affiliate Manager license is for one installed domain only. You can purchase additional licenses for each domain you want at a discounted price