Affiliate Software Documentation

Supported Affiliate Link Formats

Affiliate Manager supports a number of different affiliate link formats:

Default Affiliate Link

The default affiliate link comes in the format:

This link type redirects to any URL page that you set in your default program.

Replicated Affiliate Link

Replicated Affiliate Links come in the format:

Replicated links are redirected to the default replication template once you enable replication in the admin area.

Dynamic Subdomain Link

Dynamic subdomain affiliate links take the format:

This type of link does not redirect to any page and stays on your website's home page (index.php)

For information on setting up dynamic subdomains, click here

Remote Domain Links

Affiliate Manager allows you to set-up advanced affiliate link types through remote domain links. A Remote Domain Link can be formatted with your remote domain name. Some examples would be:


This format requires advanced configuration on your remote domain name for this type of link to work.