Affiliate Software Documentation

Commission Integration with WHMCS 7.x


Affiliate Manager has a free Action Hook Plugin for integrating with WHMCS. The plugin also supports automatic registration and login via the Affiliate Manager Automation API.

Click Here to Download the Plugin

Unzip the plugin and open it up for editing.

Set the following constants in the file:

define('JROX_AFFILIATE_URL', ''); //no trailing slash

change the to your affiliate installation URL. Do not add a trailing slash.

Automatic Affiliate Registration and Login

If you want to use the automation API for automatically registering new customers as affiliates, set the automation access key and ID. Those can be found in your affiliate manager admin area, under Settings > Global Configuration > Automation.

also, uncomment the following sections to enable them:

//define('JROX_ENABLE_AUTOREGISTER', true);  //uncomment to enable
//define('JROX_ENABLE_AUTOLOGIN', true);  //uncomment to enable

Upload it

Once you are done editing it, upload it to the /includes/hooks folder in WHMCS.