JROX eCommerce Suite Now Available!

Multiple Affiliate Marketing Tools

Access to a Variety of Affiliate Marketing Tools

Setup Unlimited Banners of All Shapes and Sizes

Add unlimited banners of any size that you want. You can also add flash banners that make your promotions more interactive. To view just how easy it is to add banners, click below

Support for Viral Videos and PDFs

If you have short ebooks that you want your affiliates to distribute, you can add viral PDFs to your affiliate program. You can also show your Youtube videos with your affiliate's link embedded in it so that they can promote your videos as well.

Forced Matrix and Graphical Downline Viewer

Affiliate Manager supports up to 10 downline levels and an optional forced matrix. Allow your users to build their own referral downlines and view it through the graphical downline viewer.

Built-In Events Calendaring System

If you ever wanted to schedule events for your affiliates, you can use the built-in events calendar to show affliates different events right from their members area.

Motivate Affiliates with Performance Bonuses

Get affiliates to generate more sales by setting up your very own Reward System. Give affiliates a financial incentive by giving out bonuses when they reach a specific goal, or promote them to a higher tier or affiliate group.

Optional Web Page Replication System

If you want to have some custom replicated pages that showcase your affiliate member's information, you can setup different replicated web pages using external replication templates. Add as many replication templates as you need.

Direct Product Linking Through Invisible Links

Invisilinks allow you to setup direct links with no affiliate URL. This ranks higher with search engines as no redirect is made from the affiliate's website to yours, making it seem like a direct inbound link to your site.

Automatic Follow Ups Lets You Keep In Touch

Setup mailing lists so that you can constantly stay in touch with your affiliates. Automated follow ups make it easy to send out affiliate marketing materials, even email courses to help them promote your products better

Built-In QR Code System

Generate Offline QR Codes that have built-in affiliate links to help bolster your referrals offline. QR Codes can be added to articles, email ads, text ads, and even HTML ads. Affiliates can print out ads directly from the members area with QR Codes.