JROX eCommerce Suite Now Available!

Track Sales and Generate Custom Commissions

Track Any Type of Online Data You Want

Search Engine Optimized Affiliate Links

Your affiliate links all use 301 redirects, helping you generate better search engine ranking with proper affiliate inbound links. You can set up all of your links to redirect to any page that you want, giving you flexibility in sending your customers to specific product pages on your site.

Pay-Per-Sale or Action

Pay-Per-Sale or Pay-Per-Action commissions allow your affiliates to refer customers to your site and purchase a product or even fill in a lead form. You can enable this with different affiliate commissions for different affiliate groups and different affiliate levels. Action Commissions also allow you to setup direct referring commissions with no upline or downline.

Support for Lifetime Tracking with No Cookies

The lifetime tracking feature allows you to track and generate commissions even after any tracking cookie or data has been removed from your customer's machine. This means that your affiliate can still earn commissions from repeat customers for as long as they keep shopping with you. A great incentive for your affiliate!

Includes Built-In Advertising Trackers

The Ad Tracking module allows you to setup custom tracking links if you ever want to measure your external advertising efforts. Ad trackers help you see which of your advertising costs are working and which ones are not.

Generate Custom Commissions That You Need

Flat or Percentage Based Commissions

Affiliate Manager gives you the option to generate all kinds of Commissions, Flat or Percentage Based, with Support for Up To 10 Upline Commissions Levels and Unlimited Tiers.

Scaled Commissions

Scaled commissions allow you to set a specific commission amount if the total purchase falls in between a specific range. For example, you can pay $10 if a sale generated is between $25 and $50, otherwise, pay the default amount.

Custom Group Commissions

Create different affiliate groups with custom commission amounts. Affiliate Manager allows you to assign any user or program to specific affiliate groups so they custom affiliate commissions for all referrals.

Upline Commissions

When you use our Affiliate Software, you can setup commission levels, tiers and groups. Affiliate Manager supports up to 10 levels, where you can pay custom affiliate commissions for each level. Each program can have different levels with custom amounts as well.

Affiliate Rewards

Create Unlimited Affiliate Tiers where affiliates can be upgraded or downgraded to based on their affiliate performance. JAM can setup affiliate rewards where the user is upgraded to a different tier or you can pay out a flat commission reward.

Per-Product and Action Commissions

Affiliate Manager has options for creating custom commissions per product as well generating one-off action commissions for specific action types, like filling out forms, registration, etc.