Affiliate Software Documentation

Managing Affiliate Banners

To add new banners to your affiliate program, follow these steps

    1. Click on the Marketing Tools > Affiliate Marketing link on the menu of your affiliate admin area.
    2. Click on the Banners icon. This page will show all the banners available on your site.
    3. Click on the Add Banner button.
    4. Once the Manage Banner window appears, under the Banner Details tab, enter the following:
      • Banner Name - The name of your banner.
      • Status - Set the status of the banner to active or inactive.
      • Program Name - Select the program this particular banner will be used on for promotion.
      • Banner Width - The width of your banner in pixels.
      • Banner Height - The height of your banner in pixels.
      • Upload Banner - Select the banner file to upload from your computer. Make sure it is a JPG, GIF, or PNG file.
      • Use External Image - If you want to link directly to an external image URL for your banner, enable this option.
      • Banner File Name - The full path to your external image file.
      • Enable Custom URL Redirect - If you want to redirect users to a different URL other than the default one for the program, enable this option.
      • Redirect Custom URL - If you have set the Enabe Custom URL Redirect to enable, enter the full URL here.
      • Banner Notes - Add any notes for this banner.