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Set Up Your Default Mailing List

Setting Up Your Default Mailing List

To set-up your mailing list, follow these steps: Watch Video

  1. Click on the Marketing > Mailing Lists link on the menu of your affiliate software's admin area.
  2. On the Manage Mailing Lists page, it will show the mailing lists you currently have on your affiliate system.
  3. Click on the Add Follow Up button for your Default mailing list.
  4. On the Add Follow Up page, you can now add your follow-up emails.
  5. You can add both HTML and Text based emails as well.
  6. On the bottom of the HTML editor, you can see what dynamic tags you can use for this email to represent the affiliate's data on the mailing.
  7. Click Save Changes to save the follow-up.
  8. Once you have saved it, you can add as many follow-ups as you want. You can also specify the Days apart and the Sequence of each follow up on the Manage Follow Ups page.

Because this is a mailing list, you should allow the user to be able to unsubscribe from your mailing list by adding the {unsubscribe_link} tag on each of your follow ups. This allows the user to click on a link and unsubscribe from the affiliate mailing list.