Affiliate Software Documentation

Mailing List Integration with Constant Contact

To integrate Constant Contact with Affiliate Manager, follow these steps:

  1. Create an account on the Constant Contact Developer website for API access:
  2. Once you've created an account, log-in and generate your API key.
  3. Once you have generated your API key, copy and save it somewhere secure. You'll use it later.
  4. Go to the IO Docs tab, enter your API key and click on Get Access Token. You will need to log-in to your Constant Contact account to generate the access token.
  5. Copy the access token for use later.
  6. Log-in to your Affiliate Manager Admin area.
  7. Click on the Email Tools > 3rd Party Email Lists menu item.
  8. Click on the edit icon for Constant Contact.
  9. Under the Module Settings tab, enter your API Key and your Access Token.
  10. Leave the List ID blank as that will be autopopulated with your default list on initial API connection.
  11. Click on Save Changes.

When someone signs up as an affiliate and confirms his/her account, the email will be subscribed to your Constant Contact Mailing List.